A call to serve Nigeria, my country!

in #poetry4 years ago

A call to serve Nigeria, my country! - wikimedia CCO

It was a loud boom I heard on that very morning
It was a call to service
Still with sleepy eyes I backed it up with yawning
Still with dizzy eyes I said it was time for service

It was a call to serve
My father land, my country
Where else am I supposed to serve
My love, my country

I love it here
Despite the situation of things
I still love it here
Though we need to upgrade the situation of things

But what has the country done for me?
On a second thought
So there shouldn't be any need to stress me
But then, I remembered the anthem "Arise O compatriots"

It's a call to service
A test of faithfulness, loyalty and honesty
Yes, a call to service
To defend our unity

I love my country!

I love Nigeria!!

Thanks for coming.....

That little boy,


Nigeria is a great country and I believe it holds so much bright future. Thanks for honouring your country Nigeria.

Very nice poem about Nigeria. It was very good to read.

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