Poetry: The Beauty Beneath

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The Beauty Beneath

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I seek no perfections nor impurities
Only you who gives me happiness
In your comfort my peace is attained
Hoping for your love to be gained

I look not on the body but on the soul
For the eyes can easily be deceived at all
Your worth is like a treasure my dear
Hidden inside awaiting to be discovered

Intangible asset in the business perspective
The same with the air that every tree had gave
Cannot be seen nor touch but can only be felt
The missing pieces in me in yourself had dwelt

What is lying and hidden inside is beyond compare
Only an honest person knows that it is rare
To find a woman that is so great
Possessing the beauty beneath

Your Lovely Accountant Steemian Poet


Woooaaahh in love ni bay? :)

Makata lang jud tang duha hahahaha

Makata-linghaga hahaha hasula!

hahaha saon taman ni sa Poem raman jud ta naay talent hahaha sunod Zumba ang sulayan nko ipost haha

Hala cge cge Paul I tag dayun ko hahaha!

makainlove nga poem :) keep it up!

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