Poetry: Peace and Love

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Peace and Love

A sick world with a sick people
Seeking tranquility but always in trouble
All the things that they endeavor
Ends up not in their favor

Crying aloud into the wilderness
Asking the Almighty above
All of them have been a witness
To the absence of love

Peace is Love and Love is Peace
Attained through the Almighty's grace
A gift from the heavens above
Only then will we know what's love

Peace and love we must treasure
In this world full of material pleasure
Forget it not or we shall be in vain
For peace and love we must gain

Your Lovely Accountant Steemian Poet


Peace is Love and Love is Peace
Thats true! < too bad a lot of people are still yet to understand this , especially in the middle east!
Steem on !
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