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Little People

a ripple in the stream

A conversation this morning then tonight
Ideas, that got bashed out once it took flight
down here don't be shocked to a state of fright
words about everyman's plight

Take your time, it is His for the giving
Nothing's as it seems, don't believe the hype
ignore the gripes, because it's worth living
Choose the place and time, in yours or up in mine
or down there with your feed in mud and grime.

The high and mighty are academic inhabiting towers
Their punches are frantic against the weak
a million stars and moments of truth speak
Punch me down to raise your mediocre powers
A life is what you do in all your moments of truth.

© 2018 Thomas Clothier

2nd October, Gapyeong
For the collection: Crosstitution Rips

I use a tool by @unipsycho to curate for @poetsunited as well as for myself. This morning as often is the case, I went through the blog posts which the tool had found overnight. I then went ahead and did some comments before leaving for work. The link to the tool can not be shared, sadly - neither can the name because I fear that some scam operators have now blacklisted me and begun a campaign targeting my account.

Now it may hurt (it seriously does) when you get kicked around. It doesn't hurt as much as being reminded though, that the content you put out is actually mediocre and that the only reason you have any clout is because of the money you have bought that clout with. the truth is that here are many people who create good content, so i do understand the frantic desperation that compels some of these little giants to punch others down. Create rumors by slander, frivolous attacks, blacklisting or by other complex means, alter the way things work so that those outside the cliques are prevented from working their way up.

Regardless what you choose to do, keep your monster apologies, and continue singing in the choir. Others are writing a new hymnal. In the end, if one listens to his own conscience, he doesn't need to fear a thing. Manners maketh man. You have tarnished my name long enough - a few hours at time of posting this. Re-arrange the playing field all you like, but here is a convergence of truth happening and it will always be in force. More people are intent on staying on the side of truth. So slam another one down today, another will stand up tomorrow.

This screencapture reveals the tool in question and how it works to show content by tags and other measures as I customise it to work. I advise anyone to test it out - ask me in discord because I can't discuss it here for fear of reprisals. It is not a scam at all. Don't worry, you can go to the site as you see it in my navigation bar here...

steempeak/oneazania/0irLOmBF-autosteemfrom2018-10-0220-22-43.pngScreencapture from the tool I use to curate - It is safe to use and not a scam                

Here is an attack on one of my two accounts - (my primary poetry account is used mostly for community efforts is @trumanity) ----

arcange spam on my comment 20181002 185103.pngScreencapture of the accusation by @arcange                
Perhaps next time I should do more grovelling instead of commenting in such a way. Forgive me master, I will kiss your ring from now on.

UPDATE (3rd Oct)

@arcange has apologized for an error in the coding of the bot , and has taken corrective actions. I accept the apology as sincere. I will find out more about the project and see if there is any help someone can give to ensure this type of problem can be prevented - perhaps having human readers to double check as a fail safe. Speaking about human readers ...
apologies  from arcange none from tarazkp  2018-10-03 11-35-26.png

... some people are way too busy and have no time to read or consider anything. They simply assume that the bot is correct. and proceed to flag - the one comment containing the harmless and rather useful link which set off the false positive, as well as a second comment by trumanity.. an equally harmless comment which extended on the poetry in the post. the comment was arguably filled with irony I guess which evidently was not fully comprehend. I don't hold it against anyone, as we can't all have benefited in the same way from education or from life. Arrogance often stands in the way of real learning. What I do hold against any person is acting irrationally or emotionally or in any way which later may prove to have been harmful to others. We all make mistakes, but if we have an opportunity to be cautious, it is wise to follow that route of caution. Instead, a summary flagging of a comment and then a search for another comment to flag yesterday . Today, the corrective action is to remove the flags and say curtly 'I will remove the flags'. Is there acknowledgement here? One has to wonder. Can coding be blamed here..? I am not convinced of that, unless one is referring to that coding we sometimes call 'upbringing'.

I have often said that the real problem here are not the bots. If someone receives a bot comment, I assume always it is a false or unjustified action. It is my duty as a person to be convinced by my own reasonable judgement about the truth to an accusation. Here is no court of justice here, just you and I and our conscience. I do some investigating myself before following with a flag as this individual did yesterday. At the least, go and figure out who the account belongs to. Is the account engaged in scamming.

My respect is not easily gained by actions like this. Now my respect may seem inconsequential. After-all, who is this arse and who does he think he is exactly. Well, that's just the point. Treat everyone as if they are somebody is a lesson you can learn. And if I were to accept a half-witted restorative action as a kind of acknowledgement of wrongdoing or heaven forbid - an apology, I'd be denying you the opportunity of learning anything from this incident. I am a reasonable man keen on personal growth for myself (and others).

Regards and Godspeed.

This is a fictional work. Consider similarities to real persons or incidents as coincidental. I'm not responsible for your feelings, but I'm keen to hear all about them.
Thank you for following, reacting, questioning, and suchlike. Previous musings, verse, etcetera

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you are on your own

hark in madness lies that which in common worldy words doth die


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