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Let’s go back to when we are young,
Let’s go back to the time when there is no sleeping with empty stomach,
How I wish time can be reverse to the time
when our resources are properly managed.
How I which time can be reverse to when our leaders
Invested on building a better future.

Here we are,
Here we are in a country filled with corrupt leaders,
Leaders who offers nothing but manifestos filled with lies
To their followers.

Though leaders are meant to serve,
Here we are in a country filled with leaders
Who wanted to be served.
Here we are in a country filled with leaders
Whose motive is to acquire wealth in their time in office.

Is leadership an avenue to acquire wealth?
Why are our leaders self-centered?
We all ask ourselves
As we whimper in pain.

Expecting employment from our leaders
is nothing but a fantasy.
That is why we should do all we can
To be a job creator instead of a job seeker.
Depending on ourselves is better than depending on our leaders.

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not only there in your country, we also have leaders here who are instead of service , they are just corrupting and collecting country's money. nice piece dear 👍

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we all need God's intervention in our various countries. Thanks for your contribution, I really, really appreciate it.

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