The Moon { Poetry }

in poetry •  6 months ago

Inspired by the picture


Oh gracious heavenly beauty
Above the world you dwell so high
Shinning your bright light onto our paths
Youre so graceful and kind
For so you shine your light onto the paths of the wicked

The origin of your beauty is untold
Some say you’re a miracle
Some believe you’re just an illuminous space rock
As so proven by science
To me you’re a miracle

I imagined with my scientific knowledge
But I concluded you’re a miracle
Rocks are Solid molten magma by science
But where did you erupted from?
Rocks from earth are not luminous

Only the precious ones they call {Gem} 💎
Are you a one big gem 💎 to our planet?
I wander how life would be on the moon
How sweet would it be an honeymoon on the moon
Could that be something I could dream about?

There’s more to you than the under of man
But don’t stop shining your light onto us
Satelite of the earth as you’re reffered to
I imagined Earth at sundown if we have :
None of you like the Planets Mercury & Venus

Two{2} of you like the Planet Mars
Five{5} of you like the Planet Pluto
Fourteen{14} of you like the Planet Neptune
Twenty Seven{27} of you like the Planet Uranus
Sixty Two{62} 0f you like Saturn

Sixty Seven of you like{67} of you like Jupiter
My imagination is endless about you
Oh beautiful moon
You’re a gift to our planet 🌎 earth
You’re a Miracle!!!


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