My Shadow In The Light, My Lightness In The Dark

in poetry •  5 months ago


The first time I met her was in the dark
Sitting all alone in my favorite park

Excuse me lady, can you move your little sac
By the way I’m Kevin , share my little snack

Yeah sure and FYI it’s not just a sac
In it I have some snacks packed in even stacks

I love your humor I said with a smile and sat
Do you have a name I asked as I turned to her

Oh forgive me my name is Raliat
Some times I bear another Sofiat

Jokingly I said you have the names like rat’s
She laughed like her ribs were going to crack

I thought that was smart, what an icebreaker
Oh I saw an angel through her laughter

You looking so bright like a shining star
Sweet words of admiration from a stranger

Just some compliments don’t take it too far
You sure are good with words I can say smart

So we are even , I said some words back
She was so sweet like my ex from way back

Its an honor to have met you amazing Sofiat
She said no further words when I said Raliat

It was getting so late and I knew little of her
She stood up to go, can I drop you with my car?

So we took a ride in my charger
And I ended up taking her number

The next day we contacted
Love grew gradually and we became addicted

Took her home and showed her to mama
What a beauty you brought home so said papa

All my life I wanna live for you
Not spending eternity if not with you

Flesh of my flesh and bone of my bones
If you’re the mother rock I’m the stones

Stay with me gorgeous for I’m in love
Down for you also a fool for your love

First Edition

Goodnight friends

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It was very beautiful