in poetry •  6 months ago


I beseech you to my abode
A place for the braves and bold

On the beach I left my boat
And when the tides is high it stays afloat

A place of peace and rest
Safe from foes like a top tree nest

To me I call it home
And to others it’s home away from home

An island of nature’s riches
Bountiful for all of those who reaches

Water so warm and clear like crystal
The shore covered in variety of oysters

Oh my home my home , home sweet home
I’ve gone wide but none like you on the globe

The beautiful sight of the horizon at sunset
Amazing scents of the environ at dawn to dusk

This is where I stand , this is where I dwell
A place I would defend , its a place to depend

My den cause I’m a lion king
An oasis call it the desert king’s resort

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