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Cringe the hate we do desecrate
In order to laugh as angels
A language that God did create

A fairytale we try to make
That shows the nothingness of trials
To live and die in life's earthquake

Of specific boundries ache
Thus, we try to make history
To touch the fingertips that shake

The above to mis-match and take
Our God, the living creator
In all love we present to fake

He-She- who cares in what we make?
The timeline of space is fiction
To all who touch and replicate

Believe and find immortality
In goodness and the trinity
Pass the test of God's humility

By: Shannon

Thank you for reading my poem, I hope it touched your heart! If you like it, please comment, upvote, resteem and want to hear more poems you can follow me here :3 @Oceancoinz


Nice poem buddy it's always good to have a fresh view in life.

By the way are you on discord @oceancoinz I need to have a talk with you.

Thank you for taking the time to create this article. Always great to get insight and help for newcomers like myself 👏
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Believe and find immortality
In goodness and the trinity
Pass the test of God's humility

That's good. Someone is showing off their rhyming skill.

What a great poem...Following you for more..
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Spectacular and very good poem enchanted me with very important words for all the human beings of that planet as it is the humility, thanks for sharing it greetings

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