The Felicity Of The Helpful Hands

in #poetry3 years ago (edited)



Be the hands that lift love
Like a gentle dove
That will rather sing beautiful songs even while on the stove
And spread his hands above
To shelter destinies like a cove.

Create a path that lead to impactful pathway
The one that's as smooth as an airway
That carries destinies gallantly to the right way
And wait beautiful behind for the lost souls like a waylay.

Navigate sporadically and transmit better uplink towards other voyage
Keep eyes on the lustful souls and keep them upstage
Keep the gentle one alive and ready to engage
So that they will be up running in all ramifications and much better than a sage.

Be a light that facilitate good result
Don't be a baddass that obstruct goodness
Lead others with a good conduct
Don't stop others from seeing the limitless
They are special, full of goodies and merriness.



Lift others above their limitations
Provide for them adequate solutions
Invest in them tremendous provisions
And give them uplifting impactations.

The hands that lift others will always be joyful
With a heart so colourful
And inner etiquette so beautiful
And surely attain handful blessing and joy so bountiful.

Thanks for taking your precious time to read this pious poetry, remember the hands that provide help will never lack in life so push this platform (steemit) forward today by helping a nearby weary soul (user 👤).








I love the rhymes... Great post

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