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I'll come around

if you ever want to be in love

I so solemly swear, that this heart is yours and yours alone

I promise to be here, whenever you're in need, I will be home

In your arms is where I belong

when it's scary let me be the one to hold

You by your side still the days get old

I'll come around

If you ever want to be in love

I so solemnly swear, that this love will cause you no dispair

To hurt you oh, I wouldn't dare

It fills perfectly, my love has no room to (err) spare

Please do believe these words you hear

Never before have I been this sincere

About loving someone so much I can't bare

The thought of losing, this much I fear.

I so solemnly swear, to be present in the absence of time

To pay for the imperfection that I am, in the currency of memories with every dime

I promise to be here when it matters

In your lonely hours, I will turn the hands of time

To a moment in time drenched in laughters

Where my love was everything you desired. A moment in time were no fear can climb.

I'll come around

If you ever want to be in love--

--if you ever need love

I'll come around


I'm dedicating this poem to a special woman--my muse, Chidinma.

This song was inspired by James Bay's song: if you ever want to be in love


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