And Now You Breathe

in #poetry4 years ago

you're here
you were born
and now you breathe.

at birth
you were given
a number and name.

after that
along and along
you were given more.

that more
your daily lessons
to make you something.

not someone
there's not interest
in that any way.

you arrived
free and clear
which is not allowed.

as free
you're a threat
which is not allowed.

you question
the powerful ones
which is not allowed.

no no
you must obey
that's how it works.

you say
that's not right
they will only laugh.

get angry
it might help
you feel better anyway.

they laugh
at the rebel
to their precise rules.

be one
even at peril
if you want peace.

but maybe
you don't care
about any personal peace.

you stand
and middle finger
the power's confining rules.

no prison
for your soul
such you cannot endure.

born free
must stay free
will not surrender it.

leaking blood
a better choice
than health in fear.

not afraid
boldness full on
the armor of choice.

yes go
moving in courage
protecting your birthed liberty.

going on
even if falling
you set the stage.

others see
many will notice
you stoke their rage.

enough perhaps
will one day
remember and follow you.

those oppressed
then one hopes
get back their free.