The intention of art

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I suggest you listen to this music by Joep Beving, while reading this.

The Intention of Art

In a world in which time accelerates,
in which originality is reduced
to being a copy of something already done
--something is lost.

In a world in which life is a chain of moments
each relying on the one that came before
or the one still to come
--something is missing.

Art is that one place in human society
where the norm is dis-regarded
Art that one place where the impossible
needs no defense.

The impossible is defenseless.
The impossible is unreachable.
The impossible is merciless.
The impossible is unbelievable.

The impossible is what creates meaning
allows for a reason for hope and beauty
in a world that both longs for it
and despises every resemblance.

Yet how? Where? Who? When? To find
the point of breaking where the new emerges
something needs to go
and it isn't me.

~ @nobyeni

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Wow, this is very well written. It feels like I read something I was trying to say myself, but didn't have the talent to make the words and put them coherently in the world.

in a world that both longs for it
and despises every resemblance.

Art definitely disregards norm. I see this from a different lens. I know a lot of people who suffer or have suffered from depression (myself included). Have a conversation on your darkest thoughts, and everyone will be silent and thinking that expressing such thoughts is not okay. Put them in an artistic channel, and it suddenly becomes okay. They relate to you. They feel your pain. It's a double standard, but art breaks all limitations. It does not ask for permission.

And still they reduce the arts budget every year as if there are more important things to spend on! I can live without street lighting (well, less might be nice) but out children cannot become new people without art.
Great post. Great music. Goes on a tiny bit. But so does Philip Glass. Never mind the beard. View is relaxing.

Absolutely so.

A strong philosophical poem and an example which makes its abstractions work.

Hmm, I guess I don't understand anything about poetry... I was fearing you might say this has not enough (or any) images... Would you have a suggestion on where I could read more about when & why abstractions can work?

I'm not sure I know of any. they don't seem to make poetry writing books in the same way they do for prose. Actually, for me, the answer is quite simple. They have to be making a sound and compelling argument.

With all the rules and laws of writing it's easy to overlook that, in fact, there's really only one rule which must be followed: keep the reader reading -- if you can do that then no other rule particularly matters.

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