Our strength is together: We are the best of each other

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We are neither confined by thought or physical means
We are both broken
We are not perfect
We do not idealize
We do not idolize
We are but a simple folk

If anything
We are water and oil in one or the other sense of view(s)
A pair unsuited in the face of the shallow
Can be an awe to those who applaud the norm
Even our meeting was divine, different.
Simple, lot of talk, lots of observations
Some rules were broken
Yet we thrive more
We had a sense to believe that there was nothing to lose
Only more o gain
We still hold this dear

This is our very strength, our differences
True fact opposites do attract and not in the literal sense
We are straighsurer
We dared to risk
We took a leap of faith
And every time I look at you
I cannot be surer
No mountain obstacle can keep me from you.

I will not lie
You don’t complete me, I was already whole
I learned to give love by loving me
When you came along
It was easy to love you because of this simple fact
So ours is a partnership forged by mutual love
A team

We move better cross or not
For, we both are quite stubborn and obstinate in our own space
We do not lie
You are so far everything you promised
It is easy because what I see is what I get
More so, any mystery with you is a sweet discovery

At times you tend to be a rock
How I wish you could just let me see you vulnerable
Then it happens
I would never lose respect for you for showing your feelings
I love experiencing all of you
You are mine and I am yours

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Lovely piece. Thanks for sharing. @mutitum.


Thank you very much.

Aki tunafaa turudi Steemit. Nice to see you back. :)


I know. Motivation iko chini kiasi but i am working on it.

Really cool


Thanks for stopping by