you're the right woman for me and I’m so proud to be your husband and you as my wife. by mrblu

in poetry •  6 months ago

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Do you Remember when you say Yes to me?

I felt so much joy and happiness,
Yes, the precious moments that we shared together,

I feel an undying love and Each and every time that I see you,

I want you to know that I love you more than you’ll ever know,
You’re the woman of my dreams and you’re all that I think of.

Every time I hug you and kiss you,

I felt love and be love.
I gave you my heart to have and to hold,
and loving you is all I want to do,

We were standing side by side,

to face all challenges in our relationship.
I knew in reality, there is no perfect relationship,
but we will make it perfect through time.

I promise that you’ll be the only woman for me and

in my heart, you will be forever and ever to keep.

I want you to know that,

I will always cherish every moment
I spend with're the right
woman for me and I’m so proud
to be your husband
and you as my

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Nice. Hope to feel that way about my wife someday.


yes you are. ^_&