My book, My science

in #poetry4 years ago

My book, My science

It's hard to carry a book

Now college from first grade primary school

Every day meet the teacher's mother

In order to get the name of science

Then there is the State exam

He said it was more difficult than a regular test

Friends learn hard

If stuck, cheated so forced

If it fails in the State exam

A good test score is not considered

Want thousands of times a hundred

But if it fails, the address is dead

Why is there a State exam?

Is not there a test every day?

Which is sometimes more difficult than the State exam

Is it true that this is the standard system

As students we do not know which one is wrong

Though not only education we have to face

Parenting problems are also sometimes known to us

But what power is now education as it is

And as children we have to keep passing it

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