Throw Back Poem-Off: Second Chance is the First (Original Poetry)

in poetry •  8 months ago

After a little digging I found a response to @uniwhisp's latest entry in out little poem-off.

Her last piece was actually song lyrics, but it works nonetheless and the hook of the song got me thinking about second chance's - hence the poem I picked.

You can read her last entry here: Tumbling Back to You

Second Chance is the first

Fighting for a second chance
A second chance at your heart
To make things right
To take away your pain
Make you feel like you’ve gained
A love you can sustain
The climb is steep and the sky is dark
We don’t know if the clouds, will ever part
Hanging on through storm forced hail
Constantly wondering if it will prevail
As the struggle is strong and sometimes hurts
From not being the one who disrespected it first
Hanging on, continuing to prove worth
For when the storm of second chance clears
Presented, will be the first


What's a poem-off, you ask? A challenge between @uniwhisp and I to see if we can go turn-for-turn and repost some of our long lost poems from the vaults of time. No rules apply, and new stuff might just make the mix!

Mitchell J

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Second chances...good topic. I didn't think I had anything with that, but on second thought...