SolveMedia Poem #1 - Am I a Robot?

in #poetry5 years ago

Well, here's my first foray into creative writing. I've been doing lots of Solve Media captchas, to prove I'm not a robot. The phrases were kind of interesting, so I thought I'd string them together. Here is my first humble offering. I proudly call it "SolveMedia Poem #1". Ahem......

Yelling goat,
Senior citizen,
Dry clean only,
Dueling banjos.

Dharma initiative,
Doctor Who?
Oxford University,
Video tape.

Remain calm,
Safety first,
Wide berth,
Don't be late.

Steering wheel,
Happy retirement,
Nul points,
Rise and shine.

Poison apple,
Mother Earth,
Other worldly,
Modern love.

Life gets weirder and weirder. Thing is, yesterday I had a conversation about dueling banjos, from the movie "Deliverance". Yesterday I read a book explaining the concept of Dharma. Yesterday I watched a Dr Who episode where he saved the universe using a video tape. I guess I live on Mother Earth, and somebody surely poisoned the apple.

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