The river god

in poetry •  2 years ago 

Art by A.A.Gonzalo

He walked the world of nothingness
In void and thicky blacken-ness
His voice would echo far apart
For he was the only one alive.

Our water that we have today
Rain that falls from heaven mountain side
If you'd seen the white washed river tide,
That ebbs across the brightened sand,
And trace it's flowing origin,
Up the mountain,where he sits all year ,
To view the mouldy passing cloud,
Then you'll never see the river this way.
Nor as much as take a sip again
For it's the trippy, dappy, salty tears
Of him who's been for countless years
That formed the mighty ocean mass

But there ain't no other source again
Of waters that would give us life
Neither had we been given another
To quench the burning,deep within
So we make do with what we've got
Our oceans,rivers,stream and pond
The tears of gods invisible


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