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Freedom groans in pain !!!
Someone else today on the pedestal,
rest to sack and bury in the canal.
Balance was raped.

From extremes to extremes,
chaos causes anger and hatred.
It drowns goodness and morality,
Satan puts on a gag on the lips.

They make us be quiet.
Eavesdropping everywhere,
like marionettes on a string.
Devilish dance - sweeps the tail.

Children cry, mothers, women - mad,
men, I do not see them.
The noise of leaves underfoot,
clouds overhead and mocking laughter.

How many of them are, to whom to trust?
Huge laundry for years spun.
Dry dried bones on a string
eyes crouching, suddenly terrified !!!

Fear slips along the sidewalks,
it snakes in wells, it comes out.
Faces are distorted, eyes are numb,
lips inflated, a lie flooded.

Meat is breaking down, the stench is spreading.
How to grasp the hand of God from the mud?
Tears to shreds, a dance of darkness,
money, orgy and disloyalty.

( the first photo is not mine )


I am waiting for your poems until tomorrow.

Every poetic word is passion and excellence in the highlands and valleys :)

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A worthy poem with beautiful words, God's could be take care people's!


A worthy poem
With beautiful words, God's could
Be take care people's!

                 - sheikh27

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Amazing poem with nice word. Beautiful photo. Well done!
Thanks my dear friend @margaretwise


Thank you :)

A nice poem.
Poverty is chains, I hope many break out of it's shames someday


Thank you for your kind words. :)

Excellent poem to read beautiful it was to check out :)


I am glad :)

Great poem! Your last photo is amazing art! ;)


You are so kind. I am so appreciate. A lot of hugs :)


A lot of loves from me in return! ;))


Such words are the pleasure of life. Thank you :)