Thanks to Your Love!😊💛🖤 (A Poem Written To Me By My Boyfriend!)

in poetry •  5 months ago  (edited)

Thanks to Your Love!😊💛🖤

I'm always smiling a lot now thanks to your love,
Indeed my dear lady I will write a lot of books for you while staying on our hub,
My dear girl bring more peace into my life than a white dove,
Any pain or loss of self-esteem could be cured with only one of your kisses or hugs,
While on our bed our bodies we will forever rug,
We can talk about problems rationally since we will never hide things from each other under the rug,
I will cheer with a beer since thinking that you are writing something for me makes me feel warm and numb,
Indeed darling even if I sound numb,
I want to tell you that imagining you touching my skin makes me shake as I am in my phone moving my thumbs!😍😊💙💜🖤💛❤️👌🏻

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