Marry Me!😊❤️ (A Poem That My Boyfriend Wrote For Me!)

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Marry Me!😊❤️

My dear Natalie everything related to you is just purely magic,
Indeed my fairy losing your spell would be something more than just incredibly tragic,
Indeed you are mother nature in a fake world made of plastic,
Your love has effects on me that are way more than only fantastic,
The way you look at me makes me feel ecstatic,
Since towards your personality I am the biggest fanatic,
You know that with you I would never be mean or sarcastic,
I may sound like a dreamer but indeed I am always desiring to be romantic,

Cásate conmigo,
Si crees que ese es tu destino,
Soy tu último novio y mejor amigo,
Siempre estaré de tu lado en tu camino,
Mis brazos serán siempre tu hogar y abrigo,
Con mis abrazos yo te entibio,

I need to tell you that we will be forever married,
Our process is natural so nothing needs to be hurried,
Nothing is artificial in our voluntary relationship my sweet strawberry our pasts we can together bury,
I wish to apologize if after nightmares I'm always over worried,
But please understand that the very idea of something bad ever happening to you is very scary,
Its a dangerous planet you have to be wary my dear fairy!😊🧚🏻‍♀️💛🖤💜💙❤️💞

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