In My Dreams💛🖤 (A Poem Written To Me By My Boyfriend!)

in poetry •  last month  (edited)

I always wonder what my dreams about you mean,
Are they visions or do they symbolize something I haven't seen,
I just can't wait for me to write a bookshelf for you and to back up all your poems in your Steem,
I remember every word you've ever said like a director that knows by heart his movie's theme,
My lady I'll massage you daily with cream,
Your love fully raised my self esteem,
Indeed darling your eyes shine brighter when you look at me than a flashlight's beam!😊💜💙💛🖤❤️💕💞

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I love you lady, I will write more! Use your account as a backup for your poems and for me to get feedback as a writer. I love you! :D

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