You Know... (an original poem)

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You Know...

We all know it's coming
can sense
when it's close by,
feel its maligned presence
the weight
of its essence

afraid of the darkness
we learned to know,
despair and fear
we try so hard
not to show

marred by all the sadness
of those
we leave behind,
blending with the fog
of things
still not done

intuitively knowing
it's pointless
to fight,
tying-up loose ends
things right

reliving all the fondness
that has
touched your heart,
moments in time
like a
brilliant piece of art

as important as any birth
much more
than just an ending,
a book still being written
for what
lies just ahead

it comes for us all
lets us
know it's near,
unaware of the fact
it instills
so much fear

Like a cool chilling breeze
that sends
shivers down your spine,
when your time here
is up --
you know...

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You've been through a crazy time and I hope you're feeling better now. Sending you good thoughts and lots of cheer!


Thanks @kenny-crane... Im doing okay!

I love your poetry and in the death following you the steps, counting your days, when you least tell accounts arrives and takes you !! It is amazing to know that some day will come for us !! I also do poetry, I just published one, if you want you can see it ... poetry


Thanks @jenrry2404.., I appreciate it. I will check it out!

Nice!!! Lovelly!!! Pls follow!! Grettings from Cancun!