lexus 5620

in #poetry2 years ago

lexus 5620

disruptive intelligence;
diligence at its finest.
let me add that plus is
just a double minus.
i'm observing laws
and picking apart the cause,
'cause my heart is at a loss.
sippin', trippin' on the sauce.
i threw away my wardrobe,
put the necklace on my wrist.
now i'm thinkin' 'bout a cute
pineapple i sort of miss.
school was but a lesson
to be sucked right out of pain;
my harmonica and i
threw a concert for my window pane,
and the moon, and everyone in the room.
i was learnin' 'bout the vision to come
and 'bout the tomb.

young & reckless -
sort of hard to expect this
from a kid in a lexus.
direct this lie and don't deny
its composition.

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