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Blue skies smiling at me.
Nothin blues skies l see.

Flying in air clouds nice white.
Way up above oh what a siteA368AE3B-FFD5-46AB-93B7-DAC163D9268F.jpeg

It’s blue skies before l land.
Back to Montreal, my friend.



It’s such a joy to be back to Old Port in Montreal.
Somethings are different like the road construction
where the cobblestone streets used to be.
They were in need of serious repair.


They are being replaced with newer bricks on the street.



It was a glorious day people out and about.
A musician performing outdoors, caricature artists, stopped
at a steak restaurant for a martini and a very good at that.



More adventure waiting for us tomorrow what a great day it’s going to be.

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Beautiful sky cloud scene I love it


Thank you dhhayr.

It was very good to me. I think there is a lot to learn from the post.


Thank you akikur100.

Very nice poetry,,waooo


Thank you chhidroo.

Great poetry and photography,,great man @luckyfellow


Thank you waanbhachran.

I like your poetry and photography,,, @luckyfelliw


Thank you zerozero33.

Good post at this time,,lucky man


Thank you shahbazhel.

Great Post 😆


Thank you mag1c1an.



Thank you maghribkhan.

Beautiful,osam photography ,nice it.


Thank you kanika.

it is very beautiful poem!


Thank you ahlawat.

OH, GOD! Photography and poetry are very beautiful which is very fun to enjoy. Really, you take photos and write with extraordinary abilities. Welcome back to MONTREAL! Enjoy and have fun always @luckyfellow!

Followed! Thanks!


Thank you seha76.

You are up and above the sky :D


Yes and it was guile a view! Thank blazing.