in poetry •  last year 

I know a saviour, a kindhearted King.
He came to me in my lowly state
And with a dazzling smile he reached out
And lifted me to great heights.

I know a Lord, a loving father.
He gave me everything good, and left me to enjoy.
But I strayed from his path, shunned his embrace.
But he followed me, gently calling me back,
Until his grace found me, and his mercy healed me.
He did all that, in total love.

I know a master, who is also my brother.
The first born of our father, he doesn't rub it on
But talks with me as a child, pulling me deeper in love.
His gentle words, and warm hands taught me to trust him.
Everyday is a new chance to smile and laugh with him.

I know a redeemer, a perfect one.
Who looked not on my sins, but on my face.
Seeing my despair and cries,
he brought his precious blood to me
And with a single drop, washed me eternally free.
So great is his love that he didn't ask for a payment.

I know a shepherd, who became a lamb.
Just for me, for you, for us.
He guided the hands, that led him to his cross.
Willingly, he took our sins, and pains, up the hill
And made a glorious sacrifice of it all
To his father, his atonement went,
To us citizenship came.

I know a friend, trusted and true.
He gave himself for me, without my permission.
Took his robes off, and wore my rags.
With a teary smile, he bid me wait for him
Until he righted my wrongs.
And he was true to our friendship
He made me whole.

I know a high priest, holy and righteous.
He stabbed himself, and drew his blood,
And with a censer in one hand,
He went in and cleared my debts.
Giving a worthy sacrifice, he remade me.
And with a loud shout, tore the veils
Shielding me from the father.

I know a God, who came as man.
To be like us, except in sin.
And at the end of his days,
He went up there,
And like a master composer,
He changed our dirge to Hallelujahs.
He sang for us a song of victory.

A song of joy and triumph.
And with a laugh of victory,
He looked into death's eye,
Stretched his hand and took the keys to life,
And going back to the Father, all blazing and shiny
He unlocked the kingdom to us
Opened the windows and shutters.

Hallelujah! Our access is now free.
Upon Golgotha he sang....
Golgotha blues.
The song of love, the story of perfection.
Our ashes, traded for glory.
Our death, traded for life.
My favorite song,
Golgotha blues.


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