The True Cost Of Freedom

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They stretch from sea to sea;
From shore to shore. Like
Bright stars upon the dark
They light our path to freedom.
Without hesitation they run
Towards the battlefield. Giving
Any and all civilians the ability
To rest peacefully upon the
Long night. They give the
Greatest sacrifice when they
Place that uniform upon their
Being. The sacrifice of a
Peaceful life upon the presence
Of their loved ones. They give
Up the greatest moments we
All cherish so we ourselves
Are able to cherish them for years
To come. They take bullets for
The freedom we are swimming
In. When from street corners to
Alleyways we witness the true
Cost of freedom. In these places
You will find men and women
Who gave up their chance at a
Normal life for our everyday
Freedoms. Yet they are home-
Less and without the means to
Start that of a new life. Friended
By the memories of days when
Scattered bases were the closest
Place to find family. They gave us
Their lives in freedom while we
Sit; as we sleep comfortably, men
And women whom gave us that
Comfortable world to live up are
Left on our city streets weeping
In the “great benefits” we have
Given them for their sacrifices.
How do we wake every morning
Without pain in our hearts for
Advantages we have proven we
Do not deserve? How can we
Drive past men and women who
Gave everything for us and do
Little to nothing for them? Was
Their sacrifice not worthy of a
Comfortable retirement? How
Could sacrificing your everything
For your country not be worthy
Enough for a Comfortable retirement?
Until our men and women are
Given the benefits they deserve
We do not deserve to call our-
Selves free.
By Kelly Clegg

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Deep meaning inside this poem which is beyond my understanding 😅 anyway nice poem!


Thank you for reading. I put forth many emotions deap meaning into my poems. I hope you will consider following!!:)

It's really sad. You know, I always thought vets had rich wonderful lives after retirement till I got to read the news. These guys should be treated as heroes. They shouldn't have to come back home and struggle. The PTSD alone is bad enough. I just don't understand why it's the way it is.