We Proud Indian Army Soldier !!

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Because of him, I am able to live a free life,
And he lives every day, ready to pay the ultimate price.
Because of him, our country still stands.
When he is away, remember, he is in God's hands.
Every day, I have the utmost admiration,
For those who are fighting to defend our nation.
Many people have taken for granted
That our freedom is for free,
We have forgotten who has kept
That right for you and for me.
He has sacrificed so much
Just so we all can be free,
And his battle scars were suffered for you and for me.
For future generations, his legacy he gave,
In this Land of the Free, the Home of the Brave.
You probably don't know his story,
You will most likely never speak his name,
You won't see him in your dreams tonight,
But you owe him just the same.
He never admits to being a hero,
That’s not what heroes do.
Instead of showing off to others,
He fights for the saffron, white and green.
Every moment, he misses his family,
Every day, brings another fight.
But it’s just a small price to pay,
To let his family sleep safe at night.
There is something in you, Soldier,
Which makes you stand apart.
There is strength in you, Soldier,
That beats right from your heart.
The winds of yesterday have finally passed,
The time to leave a foreign land has come at last.
Coming out of the ash and embers,
A genuine Indian army soldier.

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इस खूबसूरत पोस्ट के लिए चंद लफ्ज़ :-
सेना की वर्दी पहने जो शख्स खड़ा है सीमा पर,
सीना ताने दुश्मन को झांके, बेखौफ खड़ा है सीमा पर।
गर्मी सर्दी आंधी तूफानों, मत डराओ उस वीर को ,
शांत दिमाग में लहू गर्म है, मत कंपाओं उस वीर को।
अपनों की खातिर तो सब लड़ते, लिए देश है लड़ता कोई कोई,
पुत्र तो नित जमते इस दुनिया में, पर वीर है बनता कोई कोई।


Thanks for valuable commenting.

मूल्यवान टिप्पणी के लिए धन्यवाद।

Very good post is not really the answer of the army. My friends are once hearted by the salam of Bharat Mata ki Jai.

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I glad you like it....Yes Bharat Mata ki Jai .... and thank you for commenting