#Every Child Have A Right To Smile

in poetry •  last year 

This short poem is dedicated to all the children in the whole world

Every children have the right to smile, we must always put smile on our children's faces

A child is so valuable and naive;
A blessing to our lives,
A blessing to our reality;
Creating in time like a bloom from a seed.

An unconstrained grin, how sweet, how blameless;
A dance in the rain or a puddle;
A little face that takes a gander at the sun to vacuum Its beams.

Try not to give it a chance to languish pointlessly over a minute,
But as nature calls;
Try not to give that grin a chance to swing to a glare of day by day misery and sadness.

So little, so defenseless, with unblossomed potential;
A bud so delicate in our sight;
Give us a chance to sustain its development and delights,
To keep up it appropriate to grin in delight.

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