The Wizard of Harst

in poetry •  last year


The Wizard of Harst
seeks starry wisdom
from the frayed book
evil spreading headlong
swarming earthbound
The wizard frisks tattered texts
searching the hidden lore
spirits enclose the emerald valley
"diabolus occisio" the wizard wails
arrows of lightening spring forth
the ancient book slams closed
demons tormentingly disappear

Image from kellpics on Pixabay

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I like the imagery your words are creating here, but 'frisks tattered texts' has to be the best line by far. Nice fantasy poetry, good stuff!


Thank you kind sir! :D


That's what I said when he workshopped it!


I agree sir!

I really like the thought of this wizard getting his just-deserts in the end.

evil spreading headlong
swarming earthbound

I like your choice of words (swarming) in the revision. Fits well with the evil feel of the spells unleashing. Nice!


Thanks raj!

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Nice concept art mate!
I can almost smell the forest.
Also good job with the writing, I like how the text provides more context and enritchen's the landscape.

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Great photo