Abandoned Tunnels ~ An Original Sonnet

in poetry •  10 months ago


We live beneath the ground in humble peace.
Our choice to disappear from spying drones.
Devices formed the perfect thought police,
and every home is serviced by those clones.

This damp dark tunnel is a cold quaint home,
with miles of subway weaving deeply through.
And motor bikes now lack the shimmered chrome.
We build with stacks of trash as we peruse.

Now standing on the edge of this long hole,
see cars fly by with tails of brilliant light.
We hear the cheers of this desired control,
while eyes of each device record the night.

Our privacy and freedom was the choice.
"Then leave or die" we heard them all rejoice.

Also a big thanks to all the people over at @thewritersblock for the feedback!
You can join all of us over at The Writer's Block Discord server.

Image from Minhaz000 on Pixabay

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It is quite rare that one stumbles upon lines like these. Lines that give you pause to just say WOW.


It's an honor to receive such words <3

beautifully written @jrswab !


thank you!

Wow, I really like this piece. Short and to the point with so much symbolic meaning behind the words. I almost instantly think of the Big Brother project, or the 'gov't always watching your every move' with how this poem is intricately constructed. Effortless and Excellent work!! definitely giving a follow


Thanks! That is what I had in mind while writing. Happy that it shown through.


I absolutely love to write poetry as well, and I definitely plan to post some of my work! Check out my most recent post.. It was a poem written by me to one of my closest friends, I think you will enjoy :)


Sounds cool!

You write really well!


Thank you!

Hardfork sonnet submission? Too bad they didn't have a sonnet category! Nice work here, I enjoyed it.


hahaha thanks <3

Congratulations @jrswab you have WON...

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