Have You Ever Felt Discouraged Or Lost ? Well This Poem Is For You

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As soon as I went to the site, her poem just stood out to me and her words of motivation was in a way inspirational.

As I read her poem I was able to connect to her words. Able to see her in that moment of weakness just to see her pull herself out of it.

There's a specific part of the poem that has stuck with me. "My open mind allows me no rest, until my dreams come true".

The desire to overcome and succeed is something I believe we all wish for. Something we fight for everyday. I very much enjoyed this poem and I can only hope you all do as well.

This poem is titled Open Mind and it was written by LunasChild8. I have posted a couple poems by her in the past and I love everything I have come across so far.

Open Mind

Waking up every morning,

To the prospect of a new day.

Leaves me with an uncontrollable yearning,

To accomplish everything I want before my imagination goes away.

My open mind allows me no rest,

Until my dreams come true.

There's no room for mistakes; I'm filled with stress,

Your blissful ignorance is the only thing that I envy in you.

My open mind grants me the view,

Of the ever expanding big picture.

To question the facts believed to be true,

With no proof, and yet of which you are so sure.

Going to sleep every night,

Satisfied after a productive day.

Allows my spark to once more ignite,

And be mine to forever stay.


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Jhon Cena WWE 😀

i can also quite connect with what she is saying that's the beauty of this poem ,it's our everyday life

Wow. This line: "Your blissful ignorance is the only thing that I envy in you." Sigh. I can relate.

A great piece of the whole brother

hello friend that beautiful poem .. you can see with great ease his tremendous taste for poetry, part of that for me is a good poet, a very good lexicon as every good writer and what I like more than is humble and the Very knowledgeable time. greetings with success

exelente poesia dios te siga llenando de bendiciones para que nos alegres los días con esas hermosas poesias saludos

Very nice and thanks for bringing Lunas' work to my attention. Poetry is a viscerally creative state of being in the flow. I have posted a few poems of my own under udbarflower.

This is the story of my life, sleeping every night with a dream of better tomorrow, to struggle more, to achieve more..

That's a beautiful poem. You favorite part "My open mind allows me no rest, until my dreams come true" speaks to me so much. I feel like I am thinking about my primary goal day and night, nonstop. I am obsessed, which I think is a good thing but it can drive me crazy sometimes LOL. Thanks for sharing.