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Like the Raʾs al-Ghul
we're but clinkers and canker,
age coming down,
speedily like a cancer
but for every dusk,
it's like we're born anew,
resurrected three days
and the complexion,
radiates like an infant
with wisdom ancient as days.

The state of growing younger
a beautiful curse!
how is this, we wonder?
amongst dying grasses!
we are but the opposite
scowling the earth like chameleons
like mushrooms
from deceased boughs.

Our state of growing younger!
how is this? we wonder
Inside this hide,
lies youthfulness
as the days wakes and dies,
we're like the sun standing still,
in the Valley of Aijalon.

As the seed yields,
we're fruits unripened,
flowing steady!
like shea butter,
glistening and glittering.

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Wow! I am speechless right now....I am growing younger every second, faster than the light 😉😆😂👻

You know lol I'm always bringing it hot whenever I write hahaha, I'm glad you like it.

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