THE ART OF A WOMAN (An Original Poetry ➕ Drawing within)

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Original drawing done by me

kudzu_rising_by_mcallisterbryant-d2y65pk 4.jpg

An expressions,
Of the mental healthiness
similar to a sensual competence
that sends a skilful warrior,
to dance on plain paper,
murdering crayola on mundane surfaces
an apocalypse of colours
rapturous cacophony of flair
the fingers carving reality
on dead spaces out of the bull's eye
like a rabbit from a hat.


The art of a woman,
pencils and dexterity
birthing beauty from tactical dexterity
from dust ashes and clay,
comes curvaceous and Junoesque figures
laying stagnant poised to slay the heart
and rupture the imaginations
a line become a story,
adding dots and brushes
to tell tales with the hand's senses.


The art of a woman,
passionately revealing
the soul's yearning
a cantankerous desires
to send the artistry an errand
to etch onto a canvas a beautiful budding
a tasteful desire, a lustrous fragility
that appeals to the aesthetics


The art of a woman
like papaya smearing on a tender skin
picturesque exfoliating of beauty
from nothing to a surprise
a creation of divinity
carved by the very own essence
contours and outlines
defining the eyebrows and still life smiles
the woman within the art

kudzu_rising_by_mcallisterbryant-d2y65pk 4.jpg

kudzu_rising_by_mcallisterbryant-d2y65pk 4.jpg


Written, Drawn & Edited

By @Josediccus


"Steemian Mantra"

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Emotions seem to seep through every stanza. You must be really inspired, my friend! Who's the special lady? :D


Hahahaha well the truth is I'm more of the womanising type lol, I've become so perfect in it that I don't even need inspirations to drive my poems I just go with the tide really hahsha, and for the drawing, she was a girl I use to crush on in college days lol


Haha! Nothing wrong with that as long as you don't get involved with different women at the same time haha!

Dear Artzonian, thanks for using the #ArtzOne hashtag. Your work is valuable to the @ArtzOne community. Quote of the week: Art, freedom and creativity will change society faster than politics. -Victor Pinchuk

Good drawing, the expression of happiness is really good. I know my vote doesn't have value hehe sorry.


Thank you

This is really beautiful Jose. The words minster to my soul


Plus I wanted a muse, so I did a drawing as well. Thank you so much.😀😀