JEZEBEL'S EPISTLES (An Original Poetry)

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swirling warmstar 2.jpg

swirling warmstar 2.jpg

Flower is all that glitters
burnt at midday into soot and cinder
floating on quicksand,
heart in debris, a sweet demise
her love is like Shea butter in the sunset
like a taste of water to a patched throat,
she's a prophecy of a pandemic,
that sweetly engulfs,
like music travels to the soul

Our hearts, intertwining like vines
like wax in the coldness of winter
like a cauldron, she's a cooking spell
enchantment beyond imagining
a unicorn with flaming eyes, an omen,
she's an oasis in the desert,
a beautiful reveries of paradise,
but she's like a flaming mountain,
spitting larva to the soul's essence

Our existence, a celestial divine,
we're like trumpets,
in the lips of drunken and naked men
conflagrating our bodies with desire
in the apex of esctacy, hell beckons
her smiles, the devil beneath
I'm lost in a maze of lust,
feeding on yesterday's hunger

Her lips, epistle of lies
penned down in chapters and verses
she's a sermon untold,
a beautiful fragrance that intoxicates,
a bloody memoir of broken men,
men yapping in the death beds
about a mermaid that mesmerized them,
she's a tragedy written with smiles


swirling warmstar 2.jpg

swirling warmstar 2.jpg

Written & Edited

By @Josediccus


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Ahhh mate....

I love the first verse!

The imagery throughout the poem is so subtle... eluding to an African landscape and spinning a complex subtext of a relationship, both cherished and challenging.

Isn't that the way? With anything worthwhile.

This is one of my favourite poems of yours Jose. I'm so sorry I have really low voting power at the moment... Rest assured I will revisit this post in the next few days to support with a vote.

Happy new year brother.

It's so good to see people still writing quality poetry on steem. I need to read more great poetry like this to inspire me back to the poetic muse.

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No worries about the voting my friend, I think I'm always inspired whenever I see your comment as well, I find poetry natural to me and that's why I keep writing everyday. Feedacks like this makes my day really and believe me I'm so happy you came through the comment, thank you


Bro you are actual poet. I like your poetry always.

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Thank you


Welcome poet.

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