CLOAKED IN PERFIDY (An Original Poetry ➕ Poetic Analysis, Notes & Literary Appreciations) 📝

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stars_and_snow_by_tolkyes-d36xz3g 3.jpg

This falsity we inhabit
is a mixture of bread and vinegar
dipped in scarlet stew,
but cooking in uncertainty
a mendacious propaganda
like cyanide in cinnamon juice
sweet enchanting smile but all is ruse
men enjoined by truce
slurping treachery like dinner

This life is a unreality laced with fiction
a battlefield fought on virtual reality
a tragedy without comic relief
waking with diminishing beliefs
but doubting the faith etched in the soul
We're a recipe for cannibalism
eating the hope of fellow sapiens
to feed the banality
to nurture withering thoughts
and give breathe to dying ambitions

There's a neoplasm in the cytoplasm
making this perpendicular tide,
seem like a prism
a loathing, deep rooted, tapped within
the heart is a fertile ground
to plant detestation
Slithering in the shadows
but angels of nirvana in midday
Our lives a feigned fantasy
like ranches filled with carnivores hyenas

Our lives are cloaked in perfidy
with claws present inside the furs
happiness is a clothe worn to ensnare
to bamboozle and befuddle
but lies are better eaten thawed
clutched to servitude like the messiah
Our existences is dripping like latex
into fallaciousness
truth is our lies, and lies is our reality
When the morn is come
and the orange sun hued in our faces


stars_and_snow_by_tolkyes-d36xz3g 3.jpg

stars_and_snow_by_tolkyes-d36xz3g 3.jpg


CLOAKED IN PERFIDY is a poem that stresses the duality of mankind, the poet's ideas clearly shows that humans tend to be banal and mundane because it seems better and convenient, rather than being original which seems difficult because you have to face up to reality, build a real persona which is actually based on your characteristic as a person.
It also speaks about other aspect, describing man as a double edged sword with a blunt hilt.
The poet looks at the darkness in man and points out that it's only being hidden by smile and good reaction, but deep down not even the thoughts can fathom what humanity is capable of.

The poem compares man to a slithering serpent in many places in the stanza, pointing out the fact that mankind cares only about their egos, their glorified persona, their personal vendetta, even when they seem to be pretenders, the poet conveys an opinion that even the kindest of people we know be it whoever, family friend or relative, there will always be a chameleon in them when the time of desperation comes.

stars_and_snow_by_tolkyes-d36xz3g 3.jpg

stars_and_snow_by_tolkyes-d36xz3g 3.jpg

Written, edited & analysed

By @Josediccus


"Steemian Mantra"

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A dark poem exploring the darkness of mankind.

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Exactly, and the duality of mankind. Thank you so much for taking time to read

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