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In a tipsy state of befuddlement,
a confused state of merriment
in a realm deprived of affliction
Colourless as a hazy dream
like an enclosed pupil,
blacked out from glancing the beauty
that spreads through gardens and meadows
valleys and mountains, river banks
and a glimpse of the bayou in autumn

Brilliant minds, clueless
camera's shutters capturing vanity
gems and shrubs married into the gutters
mixed into twain by deluded souls,
cocktails and tuxedos devoid of love
sweet singing nightingales lacking melody,
bunch of monkey gibbers
banal as a immitated precious stone
vapid smiles and shallow feelings

The world is bereft and senile
lacking moral haemoglobin,
feeble as an aged memory clutching weakly
sterile as an abandoned desert,
lacking purity and true sanctity
cassocks parading piety like a pie
confused pews and distraught believers
uncertain and flustered like a tempest

Humanity is bereft,
lacking the sundial to freedom
navigating fallacious voyage into destruction
tettered to this distasteful terrestriality
like the tenebrosity in the Pandora's box,
chained to a confinement
unable to plague the world

Clueless as a desolate faculty
taunted and teased by impurities
leaking hemorrhage from impunity
we're bereft of faith in gory circumstances
lacking vision in total ineptitude
sifted attitude and stagnant altitudes
moving forward in solitude




Mankind is deprived even in a state of plenteousness, technology and science have been a reason for total headway in the discoveries of humanity. The book of songs of Solomon* and even proverbs somewhat explained that a state of plenty doesn't signify all and all and in other words one can still posses so many instrument of comfort and still be lacking of other essence that really matters in the existence of humanity.

The poem is an irony of life situation making mockery of the shallowness that exists in man, it speaks of the banality of life, fake and imitation of good life meanwhile in an actual sense it's cowering in total nonentity.
The poet bemoans a whole lot of things lacking in the existence of mankind including true love, original piety and true spirituality to religion, original dedication to the God's work and having faith without putting work into action.

The irony of the poem is that man claims to have it all, meanwhile they're vacant of the truest things that defines them in the eye of the one true creator.




Written, edited & analysed

By @Josediccus


"Steemian Mantra"

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This was such a wonderful piece! I like how you stuck to the theme all the way through to the end. The lines sing to me, and the words dance as you make them come alive. If this is any indication of the state of your health, then I'm glad that it's pointing towards positive. Other than a blip in the enclosed pupil line, this is flawless to me. Outstanding, bud!


Oh man, that line was a mistake I didn't see really, I'm making amends right away. I'm actually 98% healthy now and I'm back to writing my stuffs, I'm so glad you really enjoy them, it's always hard coming up with the themes lol, but you know I'm trying as hard lol wow so good to have you back frequently.


Glad to hear about your health improving! I hope you never have to suffer through sickness again.

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very good my brother congratulations @josediccus

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