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Jejune sneering, snickering snickers
lights flickering on the rune
the future is encapsulated in a crystal
of those who dine with figurines
mixed concoction reeking like urine
the gurgling of their cooking cauldron
escaping east toward the naive skies
gibberish mutter, foul murmuring
upon a gory elevation a lamb is slain
darkened by the smouldering of the sun

Altar, alters their destiny
a peek into a firmament of hollowness
emanciated skull, reddened water
guttural chants upon native flutes
like the howling of beasts in the wildling
goosebumps on your conscience
a lateral incision on your thumb
thunders showing skills in cinematography
eyes blue as the depth of the marine
still, the windy wind are hollering.

Upon this alter, alters fate
a benign heart bemoans faith
blood is water and water is blood
loud thudding and xylophone foreboding
from a pinnacle to a miry ground
soul in enslavement, words in enjambment
and the taste of hell on the tongue
is like a mushroom to the mouth
crawling in high places but living on demise

Alter the fortune of the mild
the spirit songs and ghostly screams
drunken with ecstacy
the hooting of the obeche owls
a screeching in the soul
snapping the neck of endemic fowls
and watch them do a semi circular dance
on the circular floor of the grisly deities
where the eyes is over feasted with wickedness
alter the destiny on these altars.


kudzu_rising_by_mcallisterbryant-d2y65pk 4.jpg

kudzu_rising_by_mcallisterbryant-d2y65pk 4.jpg

kudzu_rising_by_mcallisterbryant-d2y65pk 4.jpg

Written & edited

By @Josediccus


"Steemian Mantra"

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You have a minor misspelling in the following sentence:

drunken with ecstacy .
It should be ecstasy instead of ecstacy.


Thank you

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