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When the fall arrives,

the leaves fall in their maximum color,

They are beautiful, golden, brown and yellow.

I love you in the same way,

in colors, in gold, in red,

in all his passion.

When autumn arrives I yearn for it

as the flowers long for the color of summer,

they are showing

and they end up dying of love.

That's how I love you, my love as the

that is dying,

little by little without your color.

I love autumn and in the same way,

I adore you.

I will be that autumn leaf,

which is measured in colors,

to die to the side,

of the tree that filled me with flower.

I will be autumn for you love,

and we will dress in love,

and together we will be filled,

of beautiful colors,

that will melt in the air,

and that they will go together,

falling to death of love.

Autumn is the road, it is the step ....

the space of heat and cold.

And we will be that way,

that space ..... from heat to love.

We will be autumn

forever My Love,

and together we will dress in colors ....

And together we will die loving love ...

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