Autumn, And the Pain Returns

in poetry •  2 months ago

1. fifth_season_moon_to_noon_donna_chudnow08.jpg

The day is dismal
But I walk the path
Above the pond.

The clouds are gray
As an x-ray
Of an obscure anatomy.

I know it's useless
To pursue the past

Or retrace my footsteps
In the rain,

Still, a crimson leaf
Is stuck to my shoe

A haunting thought...

The image of you.

© 2018, John J Geddes. All rights reserved


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La descripción del paisaje, los colores, todo es un reflejo de la voz poética! Hay un sentimiento de nostalgia y tristeza por lo que fue y aún recuerda. Y es que a veces los días son agujeros de ausencias que llenamos con esos fantasmas del pasado que vagan por nuestra mente. Es que hay estaciones que huelen y son como algunas personas. Bonita noche, @johnjgeddes.


You write: The description of the landscape, the colours, everything is a reflection of the poetic voice! There is a feeling of nostalgia and sadness for what it was and still remembers. And sometimes the days are holes of absences that we fill with those ghosts of the past that wander through our mind. Is that there are stations that smell and are like some people. Nice night, @johnjgeddes.

Yes, Nancy, absences make holes within us and we fill these with nostalgia figuring that it represents the past, but in reality, we only succeed in painting out the shadows

Wow great poetry... and painting

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Amazing poem And wonderful painting

El cuadro es hermoso y se encuentra reflejado en la poesía, la ausencia de ese Alguien en nuestras vidas.