Another old poem from my lyrics books.

in #poetry3 years ago (edited)


Wakening within a dream,
A lucid rhythmic beat,
Or could it be reality?
The differences discreet.
Old patterns tread inside my head,
And likewise everytime,
Lace like needle bound to thread,
Throughout a hardened mind.

Like letters etched into the flesh,
Of weathered willow tree's.
A message bred inside my head,
A symphony so sweet.
The perfect world,
That knows no bounds,
Impervious to time.
The perfect love,
So soft and sound,
The rhythm to a rhyme.

I like to show a photo of my original pages for reference, I always write my ideas out on paper before doing anything with them. Something about a handwritten version helps the creative process.


Hope you all enjoyed it! And if so please follow me for more original content, music, and random whatnots. Cheers!


so heart touching poem

Thank you! Glad you found something in it.

you are welcome dear

You truly are a gifted poet! I could probably find a new meaning in this each time I read it. Which is the beauty of poetry :) Well done!

Thanks Mel :) I really appreciate it!!! I've always been apprehensive about my poetry. I've noticed the same with things I've read all throughout life, like gifts that keep on giving. One of the many reasons I love to see people's poetry, I feel like it gives you an insight of their lives and yours as well.

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