Unintended poetry - "I Knew There Was Something" - in support of @tarc

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This little piece is a work of “unintended poetry,” thanks to the editing prowess of @damianjayclay.

I pledge the SBD payout of this post to @tarc -- the wonderful mission of @rhondak, who can use all the help she can get with the costs of caring for oodles of animals!

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Here's a little backstory, which I think adds to the fun of this poem. I was discussing fiction plots with @johnkingwriter on Discord. We are both members of @thewritersblock and are also comrades in #writeclub. We were working on stories for the Write Club prompt of "Loss" and John was concerned that he hadn't incorporated the theme into his story. My response to him was captured by @damianjayclay who turned my weird and silly rant into art.

Without further ado....

See? I Knew There Was Something

No hearts are broken?
No beliefs upturned?
No toes stubbed?
No egos wounded?

There are few stories
in this world
that do not portray
loss in some way.

Death? Shit yeah!

Life lost? Hello!

by @jayna


Thanks so much for reading and supporting this cause! Please give this post some love, which will be passed on in the form of healthcare, supplies and puppy chow to the animals in need in rural Appalachia. It's like a virtual hug that really does some good!


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It's hard to write a story that DOESN'T incorporate loss, I think. At least for me. It feels like any time you have some kind of struggle, you have a compromise (loss) in a decision that has been made.

Good little snapshot of unintendedpoetry :)

Is there a plot without something to work against or for. There has to be some kind of hardship to overcome or does one a have a plot?

Yes exactly, @prydefoltz. You need challenges and problems for a decent plot. I’m trying to think of a story I’ve read without that.

Maybe a poem:)

I agree 100%. Loss is inherently a part of the human experience. While this is unfortunate, and often tragic, stories that don't incorporate loss of some kind (even if it's simply one's pride), aren't all that interesting.

This is very true actually..

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Nice job on the poem @jayna and even better job in the altruistic act of giving the payout to a great cause. Good on you.

Why thank you, @ablaze!

I admire your passion for animals and your support of those making a difference. And I like your poem :)

I noticed your comment in the post about @timcliff's Minneapolis meet up and I'm planning to be there. It will be nice to finally know more than one Steemian.

Thank you, @mininthecity! Looking forward to meeting you!

Lovely poem. Jayna:)

Thank you! I love the #unintendedpoetry initiative. It’s so fun to see your random words turn into a little poem!

Very cool:)