"Love is Great" My original writing poem.

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"Love is Great"
My original writing poem.

love is blind
it is not right.
love is light
it is truth bright.

love is power
it gives it every hour.
its a higher
more than most tower.

love is softness
help for helpless.
it is the greatness
it has kindness.

love is dare
Anything it doesn't care.
All obstacle remover
Always love is the winner.

Love is binding net
Breaking huff it makes set
So love is great
makes you perfect.


This is my original work. It has written from my own creativity. If you like my poem, please upvote and resteem my post. Your worthy comment will be more appreciated. Thank you for reading my post. If you can also follow me to get my next post.

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The quadruplet of your poem, has a very arranged rhyme pattern, I mean I kept looking at how tidy your lines were I became lost in it's sweetness, this is truly amazing

I'm @Josediccus


Thank you for your much appreciation.

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