Sad Poetry - Whatever Your Problem, Face it. + Motivation

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Dear Steemians,

Love always tells about happiness, but sometimes not as romantic as poetry. Like a coin that has two sides, love has the other side of the sad story.

A dark side that was never expected, was initially so sweet as sugar, but after some time turned into betrayal, and anger.

It is sometimes so painful when writing a love poem, but the poem contains a very sad meaning.

Although it may be a short poem, even though it is our own daeranh language poem, which we do not understand how to use it, it feels so painful.

Although there are people who say it can channel our sad feelings. Yes poetry is better than suicide.

Quote :

No matter how hard the problems you face do not ever give up and run from the reality of life.
So, deal with any problem with a sincere heart and keep trying. because every problem we face there must be a solution. do not panic or run away from problems because it can make the problems we face increasingly heavy.

Best Regard : @irdiansyah

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Memang lah yaa... Kalau sudah tercerahkan... Semuanya bisa lewat...
Postingan yang menarik... Good job bro...