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Second 10 Rounds of the 'Pocalypse Poetry Challenge

Here is a compilation of the 2nd set of ten rounds
(5 in game days) all gathered in one place
for your reading convienence.

Please enjoy! :)


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The air was crisp and clean,
as I made my way down the hill.
Then I noticed something ahead,
something tasty I could kill.

A herd of cows was grazing ahead,
on grass and had not a clue,
that I was lurking hungry nearby,
and their time had just come due.

I picked up a large rock nearby,
while dreaming of medium-rare steak,
because I'm in a desert of desperation,
and fresh beef is like a snowflake.

I smashed and bashed,
but the cow ran away.
I made no progress.
What a sad day.

Onward now to look for food,
when some mushroomed I noticed.
I have no idea if they're edible,
but I have a field guide! Bonus!

If I can eat some of them,
the guide will tell me.
So I flip through pages,
to have a see.

With a belly full of mushrooms,
I lay down for a nap.
The whole are is pitch black,
and I'm without a map.

Suddenly I'm awoken by noise,
something in the dark comes.
It's not alone either.
My aching heart drums.

It appears to be two dogs,
sniffing out my way.
Unless they're both friendly...
I'm totally screwed today.

Yet the man and dog were friendly,
and I was relieved I'd say.
He out was looking for a friend,
had been out the whole day.

He asked for help finding him,
and a note he gave me.
So I set out once again
to see what I could see.

I came across a building,
abandoned or so it seemed.
I approach without a weapon,
hoping I don't get creamed.

On second thought,
the place doesn't look right.
I think I'll stay clear,
to avoid a deadly fight.

Anything could happen,
the day is still young.
There may be people around,
but no traps have been sprung.

Up ahead a building appears,
and a sign warning not to steal.
This 'Tom' could be friendly,
a chance to trade is real.

I called out to Tom real loud,
maybe he is somewhere near.
There's no way he'd leave this stuff.
He's around somewhere, it's clear.

Tom called out back to me,
"Run away, or here you die!"
Though I'm no fool, so...
I didn't stay to ask 'Why?'

So back on the trail I went,
and came across a concrete path.
There's a dead snake in my way,
now time to do some math.

I could eat the snake as is,
or I could just stand by and wait.
Scratch that! Better idea!
I'll use it as some bait.

Down to a river I went,
with snake firmly in hand.
Maybe I can catch a fish or two.
Wouldn't that be grand?!

A snapping turtle I had caught,
with the dead old snake.
I killed it and prepared it,
left in the sun to bake.

Thirsty now I need a drink,
good thing I'm at a stream.
I used my water purification tablets,
and the drink of water was a dream.

Hydrated and well fed,
I took a half hour nap.
If I had an audience now,
I bet they'd all clap.

I woke up rested and recharged,
made my way out of the forest.
It wasn't long after I stepped out,
when rifle's bullets sang a chorus.

Two men were taking shots at me,
across the field from a top a hill.
I'm elated to say that their attempts...
we're not a one shot kill.

Suddenly I remembered the encrypted note,
and held it high in the air.
"I have an encrypted note for a young man!"
I shouted, thinking my chances were fair.

The shots paused for a moment.
The situation was hard to make.
If this doesn't work I'm screwed.
Got no weapon for a give and take.

Dropped, hit the deck.
Crawled across the field.
They kept on firing.
They would not yield.

Escaped to the forest.
Stopped for a rest.
Scratches are now infected.
Nature's next big test.

Searched for forest medicine.
Found some good plants.
Poulticed the sore wound.
Whilst not wearing pants.

Chosen the right plant?
Will know very soon!
What hunts me tonight?
Here comes the moon...

Headed down the trail.
Rounded the big bend.
Saw someone standing there,
at the trail's end.

Approached with focused caution.
Ready to make friends.
No weapons are visible.
Nice change of trends.

I neared, said 'Hi!'.
Offered a friendly hand.
Maybe he lives nearby,
on this lonely land.

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