Writers' Block Poetry Contest celebrating YouAreHope: 30 SBD prize

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The Writers' Block is growing and we've seen a lot of activity in the Poetry Workshop! Every day poets submit work in the chat for feedback and critique, and we've been privileged to read some wonderful writing.

Probably the best part of the workshop experience is that we can witness the editing process first-hand. How do you make poetry better? It's not always obvious. Sometimes a poem needs help with its rhythm, or there's too much cliche, or the point just doesn't come through. That's where another set of eyes can help!

Some of my recent favorites include work by @japhofin8or, @jonknight, @csbegu, @twotripleow, @uniwhisp, @thinknzombie, even fiction goddess @rhondak! And yes, even the mods (@geke and @sunravelme) have been known to drop some poetry in the workshop. We've got a great team of people providing feedback including myself, @sunravelme, @authorofthings, and @uniwhisp. And you never know who will drop by just to give some love (this can mean anything from simple praise to tangible upvotes) to poetry posted there. ♥ ❤ ❥ ❣ ❦ ❧

Maybe the best reason to submit your own work to Poetry Workshop is that curators are always present who are actively seeking out minnow poetry to highlight in their various Steemit curation trails. These include @curie and @muxxybot, and we recently had a poem curated by @sft right there in the workshop! That event marks the first time poetry has ever been curated by @sft (Steemhouse Fiction Trail). We hope to attract more curation trails as we grow.

In light of all the exciting things going on at The Writers' Block, I thought it might be fun to host a poetry contest. Yesterday, I was honored to have been chosen one of the second-place winners in The Writers' Block Writing Contest hosted by @rhondak (I tied for second place with the lovely and talented @authorofthings) and I received 10 SBD in prize money. I'd like to pay that forward as prize money in a contest focusing on poetry.

Contest Rules

Topic: write a poem in any form (free verse, metered, rhymed, unrhymed, it matters not) that celebrates @sircork's new initiative @youarehope. Don't know what that is? Go check it out and see! Then write me a poem of any kind celebrating YouAreHope.

Deadline: poetry must be submitted by midnight UTC on Tuesday, October 24.

How to Enter: poetry must be submitted with a LINK to your post in a comment here, and should include the tag #youarehope

Prize: 30 SBD – @sircork has added another 10 in prize money, and @authorofthings has also donated her 10 in prize money from her Writers' Block win!

Primary Rule: No cliché, please. I hate cliché, and since I'm judging this contest, I advise you to avoid using it, if possible. As Art Durkee says, clichés are “stereotypes... they stand in for feeling and sense, rather than evoking it.” He's written some very useful advice on how to edit out that weed-like cliché you find sprouting up in your poetry.

Advice: submit your poem first to Poetry Workshop to get fresh eyes on it. Then, use the resultant feedback as a tool to re-shape, pare down, and edit the heck out of it! You've got plenty of time to do this; the deadline isn't for a week. One thing we're noticing at The Writers' Block is that our contest winners are pieces that have been thoroughly workshopped and voraciously edited. So take full advantage of the help you can receive there!

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OMG, this is amazing @geke! Thank you for drawing attention to this new initiative to help people all over the world in impoverished and desperate conditions in distressed locales via a network of the community here, a few dedicated Agents of HOPE on the ground in these countries and the power and transparency of borderless STEEM / SBD based cryptocurrency!

I hereby pledge to DOUBLE THE PRIZE to add an additional 10SBD to match your award herein. As we launch this 4 day old organization and struggle to make our effort known far and wide, as well as to solicit early donations, we don't have much more to offer, but let me definitely commit to adding that ten spot to your prize!

My team, those we hope to help worldwide and myself are all super grateful for your generous attention to this project! I didn't see this coming and I'm speechless you thought of it! All my gratitude and love are yours!


Learn more at our blog here:


or on our shiny brand new website:


It's my pleasure!


Also, happy birthday!


Aw thanks! For one more hour in my time zone, I am ageing, then I will swear off and quit ageing until next year. It's an annual thing I do.

Thank you so much as I said under my personal account comment here! And here is the additional $10SBD to add to the prize as promised!

So excited to see how your poet friends come through on this! Looking forward to reading, resteeming to my account's (@sircork) following of over 1200 friends and the @YouAreHOPE following (small but growing fast) as well!

Good luck in the contest to all upcoming entrants!


This is a fantastic idea @geke. I just sent my 10SBD award from Rhonda's contest as well for this, so go ahead and add it to the pile. Lovely of you to do this, truly!


Thank you @authorofthings! I love our community. ❤


I kind of love it too :-) Good peeps and all. And talent!


Thanks for submitting @twotripleow!


I'm the one who should be thanking you and @sunravelme yall are the best.

Wonderful idea!

"How to Enter: poetry must be submitted as a comment to this post..."
Do you want the poem itself in the comments or a link to the post?


Maybe we can do both :P


Excellent question, and I've clarified (edited) the post above. Please submit a LINK to your post in this comment section. 😃

This is BRILLIANT! Love the idea, @geke. :-)

Nice gesture, @geke, and a good reason to hold a poetry contest!

Hi everyone. Great contest for a great cause #youarehope. Here is my entry thanks: https://steemit.com/poetry/@raj808/hope-in-the-eye-of-the-storm

@geke -- What a beautiful gesture! My contribution:

With Stars Aligned in Wretched Ways


Here is the link to my entry. I thought I did this last night when I wrote it, but I guess I didn't, anyway here it is! I really admire the effort in this cause. Thank you for being you!

Anywhere, Earth...You Are Hope!


Thank you for submitting!

Excellent stuff. This post helped me follow more writers actually. I'm working on my poetry a lot lately and can use more friends!


My poem in support of #YouAreHOPE.

Are You Hope?


Thank you Jon!

Would you like to read my attempt on it? It's here:

Steeming Hopes



Yes, thank you for submitting!

I'm still hoping to write something for this...we'll see if I can pull it off. And hey! did you notice in that typewriter pic, the z and y are switched? I guess that's how it used to be - Qwerty was originally Qwertz?


There's still time uni! Sorry I didn't respond sooner.... not only is Steemit having issues, but so is my computer!

@geke it's really amazing. Words may hold much power, truly, both for good and also for darker emotions. It's a great way to elobarte your words! I'm not a poetry writer but I loved to read poems!

I'm so excited to have found this. I don't have time to workshop a poem, but will give the contest a try anyway! A great cause. Truly cool!


Great! I'll hold the deadline open for your entry! Not exactly sure when midnight UTC is, anyway. 😉

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This is really awesome.

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