Marijuana Is Now Allowed At LAX Airport - Daily Spigot 9/29/18

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Marijuana Is Now Allowed At LAX Airport

You can bring marijuana to LAX airport; in your carry-on bag is okay.
But if it’s illegal where you are landing - well then you could have hell to pay.
At LAX you could be arrested when agents check your bag and your stash,
And if you have more than the law allows, your bail may require lots of cash.

Facebook’s hacked - accounts taken over - 50 million are sh-t out of luck.
Any insider trading before they announced it, by people like Zuck the schmuck?
That’s what Equifax did last year – CEO sold his stock pre-relaying.
He’s not in jail, meaning government’s okay, with his totally illegal playing.
May this be the death-knell for Facebook, and may Zuck be reduced to begging
For crumbs some nice person may give him; though we would give him an egging.

Mailmen are classy in Memphis, as they pee on your porch with your mail.
That’s what a resident’s camera shows, after recording the guy and his trail.
Yes, he peed while he walked to the mailbox, and looked like he couldn’t care less.
The lady who lives there won’t touch her mail; she’s afraid of the filthy guy’s mess.

Some people on Twitter think Meghan Markle, is faking a British accent.
This happened before, a month ago maybe; but this time we do not assent.
She sounds pretty much like an American to us, and we think the report is just baseless.
The media’s so itchy to write about Meghan, that their content can be rather tasteless.

Scientists have found we’ve 25 years left, ‘til we’re done for, headlines blare.
We wondered if the article mentioned, that CO2 can be sucked from the air.
Or that Magnesite now is swiftly produced, drawing CO2 from air surrounding.
So we read it and found that it didn’t, which says a lot about views they’re expounding.

The Cost Is Low To Remove Excess Co2 – Why Aren’t They?

The more that we read about carbon dioxide, and how it’s a threat all around,
We still have to wonder what’s going on, when a solution to remove it’s been found.
94 dollars per metric ton is the cost to extract it from the air.
Yet all anyone continues to do, is to argue about how it got there.

Scientists now can produce a mineral, that could end the global warming.
In nature it takes hundreds of thousands of years, for the mineral, Magnesite’s forming.
The scientists’ method takes 72 hours, for Magnesite to be produced.
So, will they do this or like Co2 extraction, see to it that they’re never used?

The news, the news, there's so much in the news
The daily fabrications are so grand.
You likely won't be seeing much differing of views
Because they're all in lock step, understand?


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