Musical Chairs

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Some meteorites are in a dispute
Over a planet they are about to hit
Who gets the choicest parts
What's the right approach - you know,
Those final details that always need ironing out

Because no one wants to spin endlessly through space
And moons... well, moons can be fun but really
Planets are where it's at

Preferably one teeming with intelligent life
To disrupt upon impact
Galvanized to action by this:
"The Greatest Natural Disaster of Our Time"
Of course you have to hit the right spot
But if you do
They will make pilgrimage to the site
And take pictures of the crater that you leave
Gather pieces to examine and entertain
Make a religion of you

Oh yeah that's me I'm there - No!
-Screw you buddy it's mine! No move - Move over!
Outa my way ya sumbitch - why if I had hands I'd -

But then it doesn't really matter anyways
Black hole's opening up
Better make friends fast


Writing and images by Greg McCann, the author of this post and owner of this Steemit Channel. To view more of my work, please visit


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