Cyber Space [An Original Poem]

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Cyber Space

Cyber Space

Awestruck by cosmos so vast,
as the nothingness commands:

pay attention
to the light & dark

oceans so deep
lands so limited
airs so poisoned

breathe in cancer
expel your vitriol.
The new petrol

runs cyber loads at the speed
of fiber optic cables

acting subways
for light cars traveling
glass strands

share kitty pics
share DIY vids
share clickbait

personalize ads target
after-the-fact shoppers

grown blind
to the too little
too late mentality

despising reality
earning badges
for digital assets

invisible economy
with tangible dreams
breeding hope

for one-size fits-all open
sourced solutions to complexity.

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Just like the universe
digital world is also infinity :)

Exactly @utfull. And, there's no telling what's out there.